“I think it’s helpful to forget the term ‘personal brand.’ It’s very distracting, just like other popular and vague terms. So let’s use a better, more time-tested term: reputation.”

Tim Ferriss


We came across Simon in the latter part of our nine months search for a family home.  We quickly realised that Simon is not your usual estate agent, trying to sell you anything that moves. 

We ended up engaging him to act on our behalf during our search.  He is highly intelligent and very quickly recognised what we like and was able to provide us with a customised service.

His description is always objective without the usual sales spin. He makes effort to understand your taste rather than trying to sell you his.  Most importantly, he is extremely well connected and was able to show us some off market properties, one of which we ended up buying.

Simon was very useful during the purchase process as well, during the competitive negotiation he has backed up our proposal with his market analysis and his arguments made a difference in convincing the seller to accept our offer.  Simon is a smart, reliable, trustworthy professional who will go an extra mile to understand your needs and save you a lot of time and energy by focusing your search on the most relevant spectrum.

We have no hesitation to recommend Simon and his firm to anybody looking for a property in London.